A is for Ancestral Land


Ancestral land is also important. Excellent blog about practicing away from the land of your People.

weald and wold



Anyone who’s glanced through this blog will know that this is a subject crucial to my Craft and very close to my heart.  I’m an Englishman abroad, and many times it feels like being in exile in a magical sense.

I always knew I had a deep connection to my native land; it was the core of my Craft, at the times I was aware of it and in the darker times.  But I never expected, when I moved to Quebec to live with my wife (a decision I cannot regret <3), how deeply it would strike at the heart of my practice and my self.

I had moved within England previously, and the first time I was uprooted from my family’s land I had what I thought then was a bad crisis of disconnection – and that was maybe three hundred miles north.  I found magical landscapes of…

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