Pagan Blog Project 2014: Week 1 – ‘A’ is for Akhu


Some Kemetic (Egyptian) thoughts about ancestor shrines.

Prairies and Pyramids

Akhu, or “ancestors” are an important part in my path, and within Kemetic Orthodoxy. When we do Senut, our Ancestors (Akhu) are the first to be honored and offered water to ‘be cooled’. So I thought it was fitting that they should be the first post in my attempt at participating in the 2014 Pagan blog project.

One of the major concerns, it seems, in the practice of ancestor veneration, is the question of “Would my ancestors, who were a totally different religion than me, appreciate being honored this way?” If you are honoring, say, your grandpa who passed away a couple of years ago, who knew you and loved you when he was alive, then I think he would be grateful you are remembering his name in such a positive way. When I was constructing my Akhu shrine, I went through photos, and searched through boxes with mementos in…

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