Egypto-Thracian? (Pagan Blog Project, Week 9)


This week’s Pagan Blog Project asks for a post whose subject begins with the letter “E.” Of course, the big one for me as Agriakosos, Her Fierce Daughter…is Egypto-Thracian.

So what’s an Egypto-Thracian, anyway?

That’s a damn fine question. It’s a question I am still in the midst of answering. The Titans have been calling, from Wherever it is that They dwell, nearly as long as I can remember, through Thracian ancestors on both sides of the family. And yet, the gods of Egypt entered and won my heart, nearly as early, if not at the exact same time.

How does one balance two beautiful traditions that intertwine, not just in one’s personal life, but also in history? Particularly when a Macedonian dynasty, one from which I can claim ancestors, moves into Egypt and makes it their own? And what happens when those ancestors reinforce their connections to Thrace, both through marrying Thracian royalty, as in the case of Arsinoe II, and also through funding, building, and participating in the Samothracian Hieron?

These are the questions I find myself answering, two decades after I left them behind thinking they were too eclectic to address directly. Thrace never went away. My ancestors never went away. They simply waited, in the Cave of Night, for the day when I would understand my life under Egypt’s sun and might step back into the Cave, for a little shade and wisdom. (You might say They were lying in wait there to yank me into the darkness, and that wouldn’t be entirely wrong, either…but I’m trying to be nice. While this is a terrifying new phase of my spiritual life, it is not evil or mean, nor am I angry or sad about it. Quite the contrary; the Night is dark, and full of terrors – and those terrors are breathtaking and beautiful as well.)

The journey to understanding what Egypto-Thracian means, both for my personal practice and for how it relates to the growing recognition of the Titans, and the Thracian religions, once again, is central to me and to this blog. I hope you continue to enjoy walking it with me. I will talk Thrace; I will also talk Egypt. Both make me who I am, and both exist here in the temple of Night, within which I dream and speak.

6 thoughts on “Egypto-Thracian? (Pagan Blog Project, Week 9)

  1. Soli

    Your post makes me realize how much I do not know about Thracian spiritual tradition to begin with, and wondering about the role of the Titans. (and my mind wondering about potential parallels within my own spiritual life.) Aside from picking apart the Anomalous brain, where can I start without spending a ton of money?

    • Georgi Mishev’s “Thracian Magic” is probably the easiest acquirable thing right now, though it has some issues in terms of what is really Thracian/folk Bulgarian and what is a modern reinterpretation of same. Theanos (our Anomalous colleague) recommended I read a book called “The 3,000 Year Old Hat,” and I’m still working my way through it – it’s an overview of Thracian culture and history; not so much religion, but certainly giving the framework for same.

  2. The Egyptian and Meroitic stuff is calling, calling, calling, and drawing, drawing, drawing, a bit more strongly for me these days than I would have thought…but, it’s also not a major surprise, really. And, of course, the Thracian is as well, certainly. (And though Ireland is still there in the mix, too, Gaul and Galatia seem to be, too, since they are more directly Thracian-connected.) I’m curious to see where it all ends up going, with myself and with others as well!

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