Finding My Way (Pagan Blog Project, Week 12)


Twelve weeks into the Pagan Blog Project and it took me more than seven days to come up with another post starting with letter “F.” I suppose I could’ve posted about anything else, but I do want to try to keep with the format. (Format is an F word, right?)

This week has been involved with various projects, all of which have to do with my finding my way. There was the way-finding of a physical variety that involved a medical checkup, and subsequent work I need to do to get better. I spent a good part of the week frustrated (another F word) with finances (and yet another, and those two are related, along with other less pleasant F words). Finding a financial path is something that all of us have to deal with sooner or later, or perhaps perpetually, and it’s not so separated from spiritual work as you might think. After all, those gods want shrines, and those shrines cost money, and so do the offerings….

I’m working on finding my way with my Samothracian work as well. Some dream work, some oracular work, and some confirmation from a fellow path-traveller are pointing in directions I already thought I’d be heading, so that is currently a relief, compared to the financial snarl. At least I am getting some verification that I’m heading in the proper direction(s). But there is much, much more to do to lay that path down in any sort of way that will be (relatively) sane or sustainable, both for myself, and for anybody else who decides they’d like to head that way in the future (a much more promising F word!).

It’s important to remember that finding one’s way is not a one-time event; it’s a journey, involving much consultation both of the maps and the territory. Sometimes the way is not clear; sometimes, it’s clear but not easy; and other times it can be both, or changing, or you have to go one way before you can even think about going another way. It is important to take time, and to try to enjoy the journey.

I’ll catch up with you from wherever my journey has me this coming Friday. And I promise, no more F words after that.

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