Intermission (Pagan Blog Project, Week 17)


If you’ve actually been counting, it’s week 20 of the Pagan Blog Project this week. Since I’m posting for week 17, you would be correct in noticing that I disappeared for a month.

Part of me is glad that it was only a month; the rest of me is surprised it was only a month. It seems like it’s been much longer, my intermission. Let it suffice to say that I missed you, and that my intermission was academically related. Graduate school exam time can be brutal. This year, mine was complicated by a complete shift in my dissertation work. Good things are afoot. Sadly they took me away from the internet. Sorry about that.

Other things happened during my intermission as well. It’s interesting, and not that all surprising, that I ended up stopping after two posts about the Thracian Horseman/Hero. He’s been busy here, too. This work has been this way: mention a deity and then that deity’s Presence starts making itself incredibly, obviously known.

I’ll write more about that mysterious experience (and it is a Mystery) as I find words for it. As noted when I started this blog, my (Samo)thracian journey is an ongoing process, and in many ways, I couldn’t even tell you where we’re headed yet. But I can tell you that we’re on the horse.

3 thoughts on “Intermission (Pagan Blog Project, Week 17)

  1. I’m sorry to hear things have been difficult, but am glad to see you’re back!

    They read “Serpent Sabazios” as the prayer at the end of Wyrd Ways Radio yesterday (the 21st), and it was a bit more powerful than expected, at least on my end…He was involved in his own way in what I did yesterday, too, as were Thraco-Egyptians over the last few days…!

    Hail to the Horseman!

    • I heard it, and it made me smile. He’s managed to take over my dissertation. I’ll tell you all about it in person in July 🙂

      Thank you for the kind words. I had another death in the family to deal with, as well as just general academic plodding. Otherwise, the last month was quite good and things are in general going well. Just have to keep working. Thraco-Egyptians are busy Folk….

      Dele Mezenai!

      • Wonderful! I look forward to hearing how He has taken things over! (Antinous could have easily done the same with me back in ’02-’06, except I was in the wrong department, and thus ended up doing a side-dissertation’s worth of work on him while still doing the other one, successfully and beyond the length requirement!)

        I’m also sorry to hear of the further death in the family. May they receive cool water and sweet honey from the hands of the gods and their ancestors.

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