In the longest Night, the adytum reverberates with the sound of the stars. Some hear music. Others hear words. Still others hear nothing at all, but are still called to dance with the Lady of this chthonic place.

Enter the cave of Night, and behold the Mystery.

painting-nyxAgriakosos Samothrax (Agi for short) was born in the darkest part of Nyx’s night journey, on Kronus’ (Saturn’s) day, in the month of Julius Caesar. Agi is a child of Earth and starry Heaven, who has died and come into being; as well as a servant of the Netjeru, the great gods and goddesses of Egypt. Via Samothrace, in the Temple of the Great Gods sacred to Macedonians and Egyptians alike, she fell into the House of Night, and has not been the same ever since.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. “Better late than never” is so clichรฉ (!), but entirely appropriate where these things are concerned, I think. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You know, I’m about to post something I wrote for Nyx, which I did several months back, and was expecting to appear in a publication that just came out (but it didn’t…long story that isn’t yet entirely sorted out yet), but if you’d like to copy it and post it here meanwhile, I’d be fully in support of that! It shall be up shortly–stand by!

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